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Dig in deep. If you can figure out the answer to this question then you have figured out what your magic power is. 

I can't not help people that want to improve their game but aren’t sure where to begin. I want to inspire creatives to let go of limiting beliefs and embrace running a successful business, earning what you are worth.

What is the one thing that you can't not do? 

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More than 3 decades ago, I had recently graduated from college in Boston and decided on a whim to move to NYC, broke and with no job lined up. 

What I didn't realize at the time was that I must have had some faith in myself that I would land on my feet. I was going to make it work, without any planning (spoiler alert: this is a familiar trend in my life).

I took a temp office job that barely paid a living wage, supplemented my income by waitressing a couple nights a week, working a ton of hours every week just to pay the bills.

But I was in New York City and I loved everything about it.

Moving to NYC was a metaphor for what the rest of my life would be like. Taking this chance was more about who I was, a resilient young woman with intuition and never afraid of hard work. 

That part time waitressing job turned into a 15 year career.

From waitress, to assistant manager, full time manager, I ended up overseeing this group of restaurants.

Now that I was privy to the backend of how the restaurants functioned, I noticed that there were very few systems in place to gauge how the restaurants were actually doing. Yes of course, the income and expenses were known but that was it at its most basic level.

I tackled this very large project and provided the infrastructure for bookkeeping, the overall business and marketing which allowed the owner to make informed decisions. 

Fast forward and they went on to acquire restaurants in the double digits, a produce company, construction company, real estate holdings throughout Manhattan and eventually involved in call centers + self care products. While the owner was certainly the driving force in his own businesses, he could not have created this growth without having solid business structures and controls in place.

When you have the confidence that knowing your numbers provides, the sky is the limit.

I resigned as CFO when I was about to have my first child. I took this milestone in my life as an opportunity to walk away from this career. This chapter could close and another would open. This made a difficult decision seem easier.  

But giving up a very lucrative career with nothing to replace it was a little scary.

And there is nothing I thrive on more than a little pressure. Welcome to the second half of my professional life. 

These days I help creative entrepreneurs, micro businesses and solo-preneurs determine what fears keep them up at night (numbers? pricing? marketing?). Embrace their confidence because they are now charging what they are worth and realize their deeper purpose in life.

Success isn't about luck or talent, it is about implementing a system that reliably produces results.

I want to share everything I've learned with you so that you can have your business thriving faster.

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