You aren't the only one who struggles with this whole business thing.

We're going to go big here in order to grab some attention. 

Working with creatives and small business owners for years, believe me when I tell you I have quite a few stories. Most of these solopreneurs have a few things in common: a lack of organization, limiting beliefs and not setting up a foundation for a business to thrive.

let's learn from each other.


This first story is personal and involves my husband.

Keith is a very, very talented photographer.  But quite honestly (and self admitted), not the best when it comes to the business side of photography.

When I met him 20 years ago in NYC, he had recently graduated from photo school and was making about $20,000 a year as a freelance photographer.

He had a pager, a business card from the local copy shop, a website with a handful of gorgeous images but no copy and two garbage bags full of receipts. 

Let me tell you a few stories about creative entrepreneurs... 


He considered himself a professional photographer running a business. To be fair, he was.  But that business was limited by his lack of infrastructure. It would be impossible to grow without systems in place.

So what was he afraid of?  

Keith will be the first person to admit that he ignored the business side of things, hoping it would just go away, he just didn’t want to deal with all of this stuff. He liked being creative and taking gorgeous photographs. But really never wanted to be bogged down by numbers and structure.


"I want this for every creative"

His limiting belief was that he was creative and not necessarily inclined to excel at business. 

This thought process was preventing him from growing, from earning enough money, from being secure. He was just getting by.

But he deserved so much more than that. 
We tell ourselves these stories over and over. And guess what? We believe them. They limit our success until we start telling ourselves a different story.

The good news is that Keith was open to help. He embraced me taking a macro look at this business and coming up with the step by step structure that it needed.

Keith went from earning $20,000 a year to earning 7 figures as a photographer. 

He was able to scale from taking any random gig job that came his way, to now having 5 photography related businesses under his umbrella, multiple photographers working for him and a structured business in place. 

Keith was able to recognize that he was standing in his own way. He recognized what challenged him, accepted the tools that would help and he overcame his limiting belief.

Guess what? His business is healthy and built for long term success.

I want this for every creative.